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Fire Equipment Hawke's Bay Ltd (FEHB) was started in February 2008 with the aim of providing Hawke's Bay businesses with prompt and professional fire safety solutions and at a competitive price.

No-one should EVER put themselves in danger while attempting to fight a fire.  Leave it to the fire department.  However if you are there at the initial combustion and there is a fire extinguisher handy, you know how to use it, you know what started the fire then by using the extinguisher there could be a good chance you can extinguish it BUT always remember to have an exit it your back, call out to others in the building to evacuate and to phone the fire brigade.  Don' t be a hero - buildings and stuff can be replaced a life can't!

Just having a fire extinguisher at your place of work is not enough.
Do you and your staff know how to use it?
When was the last time the fire extinguisher was serviced?
Can you be 100% certain that it has not been discharged or lost pressure over the years while it has been sitting gathering dust?

It takes just 2 minutes from smoulder to disaster.  By taking preventative action and having the appropriate extinguisher available in the right place and ensuring it is in good working order will reduce the impact if a fire has been discovered in the early stages of ignition.

More and more Companies are calling us as they have been contacted by their insurance company asking them to prove that their extinguishers and fire hoses have had their annual inspection or to get things in order at their site so their Building Warrant of Fitness can be issued.

If you are an employer or the owner of a commercial or industrial building you should already be aware of your legal obligation to comply with fire safety regulations under the Building Act and Occupational Safety and Health laws. Trevor Keighley and Damon Rangitaawa, Sales & Service Consultants, will give you all the advice you need to ensure you, your staff and building are covered appropriately. We stock the latest in fire safety equipment which we will install and maintain as part of your annual inspection.

But becoming compliant can be a confusing and time-consuming process, and that’s where we can help. We are the local specialists who will assist you through the myriad of legislation to ensure you become compliant quickly and with a minimum of fuss. Give us a call as we have the staff and contacts to help you.

All fire extinguisher pressure testing and recharging work including Co2 and dry powder is carried out on site at 704 Warren Street North, Hastings where we co-exist with Gasworkz Ltd.

So whether you are a new business starting out, or an existing one, Fire Equipment Hawke's Bay Ltd wants to be the service company you call first on 06 8709436 or email
We provide prompt professional simple solutions that won’t break your bank balance.
Don’t go with the first quote you get - give us a call to compare prices.
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